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What are my device options?
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Device Options

There are several options for devices that can run this application. Each device has pros and cons and some may be higher quality than others.

PC & Mac Based

There are several computer-based solutions for running VR Safety based applications.

  • Non-VR Computer Based: VR Safety is designed to run directly on a PC based computer. We support Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and can be run without the need for a network connection. This is easy out of the box solution for computer labs and institutions that do not have mobile devices handy or access to virtual reality tech.
  • VR Computer Based: VR safety is supported by all major VR offerings These include:

Stand Alone VR Devices

Stand-alone VR headsets allow users to be immersed in an experience without the need for a PC or smartphone. These headsets generally are more expensive then phone-based solutions but much cheaper than computer-based.

  • Pico Goblin: The Pico Goblin is an Android-based all in one unit that can be branded to show the client’s logo and can be ordered directly through Bit Space Development Ltd.
  • Oculus Go: A high-quality experience powered by a huge brand. Any VR Safety application can be run on the Oculus Go with minimal customization.

Smart Phone-Based

VR Safety supports all Android and iOS smartphones that have an Accelerometer and Gyroscope for VR input. All Android and iOS phones are supported for non-VR implementations.

  • Google Cardboard: Ranging from cardboard boxes to more robust plastic headsets.
  • Google Day Dream: Day Dream is a higher quality implementation of Google’s VR platform. This offering is supported by fewer phones however we can take advantage of a motion controller for increased interactivity.

Additional Devices

More ways to run VR Safety based applications.
  • iPad
  • Android Tablet
  • Web Based

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